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A message from our Founder, Gao Jun

Located in the heart of San Gabriel Valley, California Table Tennis has been carrying out its mission for the past nine years and many more to come. We have nurtured and trained several national team players and hundreds of kids. 

Our Journey
Old CTT Club_edited.jpg


Gao Jun Table Tennis Club

Started with a couple tables, the Gao Jun Table Tennis Club was established in 2012 with the same mission - To develop and nurture young talents throughout the country and provide the best table tennis facility to all.


California Table Tennis Club

A new name and a brand new state-of-the-art facility, California Table Tennis Club, opened in 2016, providing our services throughout the country with the same vision in mind. 





10 Butterfly Tables

Professional Rubber Flooring

Relaxing Space

High ceiling and lighting 

Pro Shop 

Equipment for all levels


HAOKANG Flooring 

Directly imported from China, Our flooring material is identical to that used by the Chinese National Table Tennis team and used in the Highest competition level.


Butterfly Tables

Not all table tennis tables are created equal! At California Table Tennis, we only use ITTF approved top-of-the line Butterfly tables. Our head coach, Gao Jun is a Butterfly-sponsored player and our operation is also officially sponsored by Butterfly 


Pro Shop 

Not only do we have a large collection of paddles and equipment. We also contain a Butterfly Pro Shop that sells: paddles, rubbers, balls, table tennis shoes, and general equipment for all level and style. 


Notable Players

Erica Wu Photo_edited_edited.jpg

Erica Wu

2014 US National & World Team Member

2013 US World Team Member

2013 US National Junior Girls' B Team

2012 US National Championships Women's Doubles Champion

2012 US Olympic Team Member - Team

2012 US World & Junior Girls Team Member

2011 US National Women Doubles Champion 

2011 US National Women Singles Semi-finalist

2011 Hong Kong Junior and Cadet Open Cadet Doubles Finalist and Cadet Singles Semi-finalist

2010, 2011 US National Women Team Member

2009-2012 US National Junior Girls Team Member

2010-2011 US National Cadet Girls Team Member

Major Titles:

Erica Wu




2021 US National Girl's U11 Champion 
2021 US National Mini-Cadet Girls' Team
2021 US Hope Team Member
2021 ITTF Pan American U11 & U13 Championships:
   - U11 Girls' Singles Champion
   - U11 Girls' Teams Champion
   - U11 Girls' Doubles Champion
   - U11 Mixed Doubles Champion

Major Titles:

Tashiya Piyadasa


Grace Yang

2016 US National Girls' Team
2016 US National Junior Girls Team 
2015 World Junior Championships - Junior Girls Team Bronze Medalist 
2015 North American Junior Girls' Team Champion
2015 US Girls Junior Team
2015 US Girls Cadet Team
2013 US Girls Cadet Team
2013 US Girls Mini Cadet Team
2012 US National Cade Girls - Finalist
2012 US National Mini Cadet Girls - Finalist

Major Titles:

Grace Yang




US Rank #1 Under 10 
2021 US National U11 Girls' Team
2021 ITTF Pan American U11 & U13 Championships:
     - U11 Girls' Singles Semi-Finalist 
   - U11 Girls' Teams Finalist
   - U11 Girls' Doubles Finalist

   - U11 Mixed Doubles Semi-Finalist

Major Titles:

Tiana Piyadasa

Rachel Yang Photo_edited.jpg

Rachel Yang

2021 US National Women's Team 
2019 US National Women's single semi-finalist
2019 US National Junior Girls teams finalist
2018 ITTF pan America junior - team gold medalist, double gold medalist, mix doubles bronze medalist
2017 US National 21 & Under Women Single Finalist
2017 ITTF Argentina Junior Open Bronze Medalist
2016 US Open U13 Girls Champion
2016 US National Mini Cadet Girls Single Finalistt
2015 US Open U13 Girls Champion
2014 US Open U11 Girls Bronze Medalist
2013 US National U-3700 Doubles Finalist

Major Titles:

Rachel Yang

Notable Players
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