Membership Programs

California Table Tennis is a professionally run athletics club designed for table tennis enthusiasts.    

There are several membership programs at California Table Tennis:

Adult  - Regular Hours (Monday to Friday):                              $325/Year or $40/Month

Senior +65 (Monday to Friday - AM only):                 $260/Year or  $30/Month;

Senior +65 (Monday to Sunday):               $480/Year or  $55/Month;

Junior Under 18:        $215/Year or $30/Month;

Family Plan:              $540/Year or $60/Month (two adults,  same family)

                                    $435/Year or $50/Month (one adult +one junior, same family)
Day Plan:                   $10 per day

Kids Group Lesson:  $ 100/Month + $100/Year or $15/Month Member fee
                                   (90 minutes per class, may substitute one class per month due to absence)

Membership Benefits:

- Free access to our club during all hours

- Discounted fees on lessons with all coaches

- Discounted entry fee to our weekly tournaments when held

Seniors Membership Program

- For seniors age 65+

- Weekday access to our club between 10 am and 3 pm